Embodied Leadership Training (ELT) is a body-centered and movement-based experiential-learning workshop series (100 hours) built upon dance, movement and choreographic techniques, which strengthens leadership capacities. We support personal and professional development for individuals to stand up and speak clearly, sit down and listen fully, and stay quietly centered to communicate effectively when facing current leadership challenges.

During the four 3-day modules, participants develop movement expression, somatic knowledge, mindfulness practices, nonverbal and verbal communication, imagination, voice dialog, non-violent communication and team-building for social impact through embodied self-discovery, experimentation and practice.

Case studies from participants‘ work challenges ground the training in real-life leadership concerns. We build a safe container to enable our participants to work constructively with conflict and face their personal resistance to shame, trust, open communication and the risk of an uncertain outcome. In this way, we are developing leaders with a refined emotional intelligence who can hold conflict spaces and lead groups with greater adaptive capacity and resilience.

Our work draws upon combined lifetimes of work, research, teaching and training in biology, social anthropology and the art of dance to blend movement theory (Laban Movement Analysis), cultural knowledge and the Trauma Healing practice of Somatic Experiencing, developed by Peter Levine.

People sensitive and open to personal work, can experience the integrative approach of our training to develop their body as a personal resource and power base to know and modulate themselves in order to step out and lean in.