Module I for Men and Women in Berlin

How do you embody your leadership attributes and express your style?
In this workshop you will explore how to access Body Knowledge to expand your perception, presence and confidence. You will learn mind/body techniques to become aware of how you respond under stress. Stimulate your intuition by tracking the Felt Sense. Start to discover how your values and identity are embodied in the way that you look, move, speak and touch.

Beginn: 20/5/2016 18 Uhr
Ende: 22/5/2016 16 Uhr



PHYNIXtanzt Studio für Tango Argentino & Modern Dance, Hasenheide 54 - "Höfe am Südstern", 10967 Berlin, 2./3. Hof, 3.Etage   View map



Embodied Awareness


Harnessing body/movement knowledge

Every leader has a unique movement signature. The first step in fully realizing your own leadership potential is to develop greater awareness of your inner experience and it’s connection to personal style. Embodied Leadership Training (ELT) – Module I works with this unconscious source of self-understanding to access the power that comes from body intelligence. In this workshop you will explore mind/body techniques to become more aware and effective.

Workshop Outline

5 Elements of Qiqong
Archetypes for leadership
Breath-lead movement sequences
Tracking the Felt Sense
Grounding and stability
Movement and imagination
Personal Boundaries
Presentations and personal style

Workshop Outcomes

Strengthen Body Knowledge to expand your perception, presence and confidence.
Increase control over your personal boundary and its permeability.
Stretch your comfort zone in movement.
Discover how you move and lead from personal value and style.
Learn to keep your core integrity intact.
Develop deeper capacity to modulate stress and increase self-care.
Reclaim the freedom to dance and move playfully.
Deepen integration of mind, body and emotion.

ELT draws on several disciplines: Laban Movement Analysis, dance, improvisation, Council listening circle and somatic mindfulness.



Workshop dates

May 13, 4 pm – May 15, 4 pm

Group size

10 people

Our goal is to offer participants an affordable price. We have therefore developed the following pricing scale per 3-day workshop:

Participants whose costs are borne by for-profit organizations: 1.300,- EUR (Business)
Participants whose costs are borne by non-profit organizations: 790,- EUR (NGO)
Individuals who personally pay for the workshop: 490,- EUR (privat)

Please contact us if you have any questions. All prices include VAT. 50 Euros deduction on early registration (3 months before the start date).

Room and board are not provided.

Unser Ziel ist es, unseren Teilnehmer/innen Preise anzubieten, die für jeden erschwinglich sind. Daher haben wir die folgende Preis-Skala für die 3-tägigen Workshops entwickelt:

Teilnehmer/innen, deren Kosten von Unternehmen getragen werden: 1.300,– EUR (Business)
Teilnehmer/innen, deren Kosten von gemeinnützigen Einrichtungen getragen werden: 790,– EUR (NGO)
Teilnehmer/innen, die den Workshop-Preis selbst bezahlen: 490,– EUR (privat)

Für Kost und Logis fallen keine Kosten an, eventuelle Übernachtungen müssen von den Teilnehmenden privat organisiert werden.
Bei Buchung und Zahlung spätestens 3 Monate vor Kursbeginn gewähren wir 50,- EUR Frühbucherrabatt.
Ihre Anmeldung ist verbindlich, sobald die Kursgebühr auf unserem Konto eingegangen ist.



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